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Date: October 6, 2015. “There’s a lot of shit in a name – William Beer-peekar”. At times you are born in a family with a name which will make you face embarrassment in front of every double-meaning-joke-hunter fellow. In the times of AIB, names with double meaning hidden in them are difficult to hide. Thanks to people like AIB and many. Bernadette, Berna, etc. became more popular in 2018, rising +46 rankings as girls' names with Bernadette rising the most. [ Berny, Bernita, Bernina, Bernie, Berneta, Bernessa, Bernardine, Bernardette, Bernadine, Bernadina, .. 21 more] Brigantia .. of a legendary goddess of springs .. Brigantia is not frequently adopted as a children's name.

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